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Minutes 1/9/18



Joe Santana, Tom Taylor, Howard Freedman, Dave McCready, John Imlay, Monte Glud, Elaine Glud, Karla Hackney, Matt Hackney, Pete Randall, Kathy Randall, Bill Price, Jo Munsch, Judy Ellwein


Call to Order: 6:56pm



1.    Motion to dispense with reading the minutes from November.  It was moved and seconded to dispense with the minutes.  The motion carried.

2.    How many drove their Packards tonight? 

a.    Randalls drove their ‘51 Packard Patrician

3.    No new members or guests were introduced.



1.    Director’s Report

a.    Intro the new officers

                                     i.        Director, Matt Hackney

                                     ii.        Assistant Director, John Imlay

                                    iii.        Treasurer, Howard Freedman

                                    iv.        Co Editors, John Imlay & Joe Santana

                                     v.        Tour Director, Joe Munsch

                                    vi.        Webmaster, George Potter

                                    vii.        Secretary, position unfilled


2.    Secretary’s Report

       a.    We did not elect a new person for this role.

3.    Webmaster - George Potter is doing a great job!  Special thanks to him noted!

4.    Treasurer’s Report

       a.    Balance reported with no outstanding debt.  Incorporation fees are paid and

              the most recent copy of the Clipper is paid for.

5.    Membership Report

       a.    Dues are almost entirely paid.  Matt to track down 2 outstanding members.

6.    Tour Master

       a.    Schedule of Upcoming Tours

                                      i.   CCCA Valentine’s Brunch Feb 11th invitations shared at meeting and by


                                      ii.  Movie day Feb 18th  - joining together for some Packard related film

                                           clips/newsreels, Jay Leno garage episode, at Howard’s Garage.  1240 SE

                                           Gideon, Portland.  More details coming soon via flyer.

                                      iii. Tour in March to Cornelius Collection March 24th.  TBD based on

                                           construction schedule.

b.    Joe’s report

                                    i. Would like to set up a more flexible Google calendar and one that’s

                                        embeddable on our website.

                                    ii.   Notice protocol to be implemented:


1.    60 day notice

2.    2 week notice

3.    Week of notice

4.    With the exception of those who need it snail mail

5.    Last minute notices would go out


                                     iii.    Pictures and light text posted immediately on our web page after each

                                             tour appear that we have some activity in the club.

                                      iv.  Purpose of events will be varied and keep it more interesting.

                                      v.   Present 2 kinds of events


1.    To bring new people in

2.    To enrich existing members

                                      vi.  Proposed event ideas:  Movie Night, Hillsboro Tuesday Market, Cars &

                                           Coffee tours, Swap meets, Put one on ourselves, Bring your “other” car

                                            event, Person Aviation Museum, Evergreen Aviation Museum, Westcott’s,

                                            Steve’s Resto Shop, Compliment Evergreen with Wade & Patsy’s garage.

                                            Jerry Szerlip’s, Summer Picnic, Western Region’s CA Gold Country -

                                            East of Sacramento, Packard Creek, Salem Tour, Mount St. Helens, Mall

                                            Display, having a Packard Swap meet space, provide a place where our

                                            members can sell their stuff and sit.

                                      vii.  Events should focus on our members and draw our members out..

                                            Feedback from the membership was encouraging

                                     viii.  Upcoming Dates


1.    Feb 11th Valentine’s Brunch at Multnomah Lodge.

2.    Feb 18th Day at the movies at Howard’s Shop

3.    March 24th Cornelius Car Collection

4.    April 14th Hood River Car Tour to WAAM, Full Sail for Lunch

5.    June Tuesday market in Hillsboro.

6.    3rd Weekend of July Concours

7.    September Pittock mansion

8.    October Pumpkin Tour

9.    November Pearson Aviation Museum & Lawsons


c.    Reports of Recent Tours

                                      i.   Matt and Karla attended the CCCA Tour Saturday, Jan 6, 2018 to

                                           GoEngineer 3-D Printing near Auburn, WA and Tom Crook’s private

                                           collection and home.

7.    Editor report - Just published the latest edition and next edition will be focused

        around the Detroit Packard Plant.

     a.    Pete Randall noted that resources in Clipper about halogen bulbs were found

            very helpful.


8.    Goodwill

      a.    All Georges and Karl Unger are still on the mailing list.  Request for anybody

            to visit George Rhiel.  Anyone want to get a hold of Karl?  George Choban is

             getting better slowly.  Evelyn is stable and doing okay.


Old Business

1.    None


New Business

1.    Matt has been in contact with Leon Dixon from KY.  Mr. Dixon has been helping to attempt to identify the Hackney Caribbean.  Hoping to have him here for our Feb Meeting.  We might start next month’s meeting early to give plenty of time for Leon’s presentation.

     a.    Bill Price proposed that we help subsidize part of Mr. Dixon’s speaker fees.

     b.    It was  moved that we spend $250 toward Leon Dixon’s speaker’s fee to be included in his overall expenses.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

2.    Howard recommended that we charge $5-$10/event to keep the treasury in the black.  The group generally agreed. No motion was made.

3.    Matt presented his finds on Craigslist.  ‘42 fastback AZ, ‘42 180 limo in Washougal, 1920 Packard Model E Truck in Pittsburgh.  1940 Packard Limo in Medford.  Contact Matt if you have any interest in these ad listings.

4.    John Imlay mentioned that Larry Nannini’s 1934 Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton is now for sale on Hemmings.

5.    A Packard owner of a ‘34 Coupe has promised that he is definitely joining up and will be here next month.

6.    Packard Trunk for a Senior Car with 3 pieces of luggage, is on the parts list of Craigslist Seattle.


Meeting Adjourned at:8:04pm


Submitted by:  Karla Hackney, acting secretary