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   Board Meeting Minutes


February 10, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m., at The Peppermill Restaurant, Aloha, OR, by Matt

Hackney, President.

Present:    Matt Hackney, President            Monte Glud, Vice President

                  Elaine Glud, Secretary                Howard Freedman, Treasurer

                  John Imlay, Editor                      Robert Douglas, Co-Tour Master

                  Frankie Douglas                          Jeremy Wilson

                  Tom Taylor                                  Karla Hackney (for dinner only)

                  Jeanette McCready                   Carl Unger

                   Evelyn Freedman

Packards driven to the meeting this evening: John Imlay and Robert and Frankie Douglas. Howard and Evelyn drove their antique Cadillac.


Howard’s Treasurer’s report: $ 6,405.31.


Matt consulted with the Forest Grove Concours committee and they have consented to featuring

Packard cars in 2016 when the National PAC meeting will be held in the Portland area. Our Club will begin planning for this event next month.


Karla has the Clipper for 2014 nearly finished and requested pictures of the Christmas dinner if any one had taken any. She and John have discussed the transition of Editor to John, and all future work on the Clipper will be handled by John.

Howard will continue to do the mailing of the Clipper.


Reminder: the Classic Car Valentine Brunch and tour will be held Sunday, February 15, 2015.


The 2015 calendar is available on the website. One change: the Club’s August 2015 tour to Eugene will probably be modified since the Classic Car Club is having a similar tour in April 2015.


Projects: Jeremy is working on his ‘46 transmission and clock and his ‘52 clock. The clocks are being repaired by in Wisconsin. Tom had also used this company and was satisfied. Bob is working on replacing several worn out parts on his ‘38. Howard’s ‘41 is on jack stands and he is having work done on the steering box. It was mentioned that is a contact place for restored hubcaps for ‘50s era Packards.

The meeting adjourned.

Submitted by: Elaine Glud, Secretary